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545 Category (HTML5 Power)

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On 4/25/2019 at 6:25 AM, LaFleur said:

Category (ID: 545)

This power allows you to categorize your friendlist.



  • This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat.
  • You need to own the power and have days for this feature to work (later on ?new).
  • For testing, you don't need the power and you can use this link to test it: https://xat.com/content/boxKe578d3cb/embed.html?n=xat5
  • More updates were added on this chat version. Changelog will be posted soon.




Adding Categories

Click on your name and move into “Settings”. You will see the “Category” tab at the very right.

Simply type a name and click on “Add Category”. The new category will then be shown on the friendlist.




Category Position

You can also change the category position by dragging and dropping the category field.




Removing Categories

For removing a category, click and hold the category field and drop it at the bottom right - into the bin.





For moving friends in or out of categories, open the friendlist, then simply drag and drop their name to the respective position.




If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.


The blacklist still be free without this..?

On 4/25/2019 at 10:24 AM, Nathan said:

 @Admin hes referring to 

ya 'foes' (AWE) 


yeh. but i said that the blacklist gonna be free, no a power.

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