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What is this Bot?


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It's a scammer, ignore everything he says and report his account.


xat admins and xat volunteers will never ask for your e-mail or password, nor even ask to disable or lower any of your security options. Always make sure their ID number and register name are on the official wiki list

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This is an example of someone trying to scam you. Don't forget that Administrators and volunteers will NEVER ask for passwords or powers.

I advice you to report the account and read xat.wiki/Safety in order to keep updated on some tips to be safe online. 

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1 minute ago, MatrixFact said:

Where can I report these two accounts?  1534671625    1534715141

You can open a ticket from here https://util.xat.com/support/open.php 

Select help topic 'report scam' 

You can include the two IDs in one ticket since you sure is the same phisher with screen you did post above.


Good luck!


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Lately, a lot of scammers have been trying to scam people using that method. Please, ignore what they say and report them to a moderator immediately.


I also recommend you to read the following topic:


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