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Limit Of DAYS on xat.com

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I want to say that the last time now 07/04/2019 I checked the limit of days in xat.com  9 000 DAYS

The result was.
Trade was limited to 6.3k days -  With trade you can not buy more than 7,000 days
We continued transferring up to 9k days. - I continued with the transfer until I reached the 9k days test.

The final result is 9000 Days per user, limit.

I want to thank all those who helped to conclude this test. (Only a few people have been added to the list, many have not been added because they do not know their fórum).
@Born @Mister @cfr_tobias 

In the future I want to test the limit of xats. (Maybe, I do not want to promise anything).

Regards Bau

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Hello xatFamily

Today we have a new LIMIT 10000 DAYS xat.com.

Thanks to @mihai123gaby and others for selling me days.
Thanks Admin for raising the day limit from 9001 to 10,000, but I still think we need more, at least 20k :$(rolleyes)

Enjoy xat.com


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