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Contributor Monthly Log - March 2019

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The group could not cope with all the discussions at the time and the consensus was that contributors were dealing with too sensitive topics.


It was a nice run with you and a nice experience overall but yes, enough is enough.

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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

I really, sincerely, hope this is not an April fools joke. 


No, it's not: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Contributors. :(


I loved being part of the Contributors group for 1 year and being able to fight for the xat community, many thanks for the opportunity!


P.S. I will always hate some of you guys. ;)

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I would like to say THANK YOU @Admin you did the best .  

Everyone can help and contribuite on xat. Not only because they are or not contribuitors , or part from staff . 

Help is free ,   and us opinions are free. 

We are all ecually  .  

In an way or other WE  US , all who NO was contribuitor we  did apportation to xat 

 Because we want help to users , helping on xat, to do us opinions  ,  because we love xat . 

 And we never  was contribuitor. 

 But this was and is from my heart .  

So i feel free to do my opinion  

Admin did the best .  

Thank you once more  


nice try :)))  1April   

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We were a family. We had our ups and downs, we agreed and disagreed in a lot of stuff, but at the end, we still loved each other. It was a great experience being a part of this team for a while. I wish you guys the best in what may come next.


Thank you xat.

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i'm proud to be one of xat family, i respect all contributors i want to thank them for all what they did for xat and the forum, i appreciate all what mr @Admin does and decides but for me i think that you as a manager of xat or the forum when you decide to change or remove something you should bring another new thing for it to be renewed, i hope you made a good decision of removing the contributors group i hope this is a good strategy for you, I'LL WAIT FOR WHAT'S GOING TO BE AFTER   

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