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ACCOUNT BLOCKED, Scams?! Truth or Lie?

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That's really good idea, many users recently get scammed with this ways and is so shame.


This suggestion may help so much, i strongly support it!!

Thank you @Mister !!

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Posted (edited)

If someone tells you that your account is blocked and you login to check if this is really the case, then this means that you're already fishy about the situation. In that case you can just simply check if the person trying to scam you really is a volunteer by going to https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Volunteers


because lets say your account really is blocked and someone happens to ask for your details during that time?  

Even if your account is blocked this still applies: Never give your password to any volunteer or xat staff, even if you are sure they are real.


Your idea could be used for people to check if they're blocked or not. But not to prevent scams.

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Posted (edited)

Perfectly all nice  

But the problem we have users on xat , they dont know about forum , they dont know about scams , they dont know about anything .. 

So we need something more  i think @Mister your idea is great , but if the users all users can had a messaje no be bot  only of trade loja etc ,  they need that information in every xat  

When you enter in xat should appear any message be sistem  with all that info  ? same i the message should be added forum scam phishing can be that ?@Admin

What you think ?  

In an way or other we need something strong for users . 

We have to stop scam and i think , this is great idea and helped full to all news users same olds user and everyone ?  

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