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Powers Economy


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Sound good to discuss a subject like this one, and about the prices changes.

Traders buy the powers that under collecting, the price of a power rises when a user or many users buy it with a high price (more than max bot price)
For now, the following powers are up : 

There another reason that some powers go up, is when there a new collection.

All the powers required for that collection it's rises in price so fast.

If you remember Manga, Aprincess, Summerhug, Christmas, Snowy, Halloween, Burningheart and other powers required to collections goes up fast but now prices is stable.

I really can't mention about who has most some specific powers, but simply you can go in BOT pc and use the command !hasmost 
Example with snowy power : !hasmost snowy 

Fairtrade prices change weekly, and now is up to date.


If there anything else you would like to discuss or if you have any questions, feel free to pc me on xattrade.

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