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Hello, First of all to explain, I want to apologize to the whole team. . .

I sent Answers to the ticket after two minutes, I remembered something that I did not add, but I sent a single message, but it shows that 3 messages were sent.

If you can delete this, please do it.
Thank you.

Has something like this happened to you ?! (rolleyes)


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If you refresh the ticket form after sending your reply, it will send it again.


I can assure you that it's no problem on our side, and we can simply look past it. You won't be in any sort of trouble! I wouldn't worry about it too much. A fix to this would be to update the OSTicket version, but this may be a task to look forward to once HTML5 is completed.


Since this isn't a problem, there's no need for this support thread to remain open. I'm going to lock it, now.


In the future, it may be easier just to ask a volunteer directly.

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Hello Bau, it isn't a problem and I don't think they can delete ticket messages. It actually happened to me once, so just keep answering it like nothing has happened.

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