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As of 96 minutes ago, the deadline to submit your name has passed. Tallying is now in progress.


Edit: Due to real life circumstances involving travel, I will not reveal the winners until later (about 1-2 days).

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Since iBandy (1001300) and Kumii (585659086) failed to claim their prize within the 48 hours, I will use the remaining entries on the list to pick 2 new winners.


1. Zoom (96335190) -  VALENTINEFX

2. Nefs (124365424) - KHAIR


@Thuk @Tolgaa


Come meet me @ Game and/or Social chats to claim your prize! I will allow 48 hours to claim your prize! (Deadline: 3-6-2019, 2PM PST) If you are held for any reason or have failed to claim your prize within the 48 hours, new winners will be chosen using remaining entries from the list. I am usually online around 9PM to 12AM PST. I will most likely respond the fastest if you PC my xat account directly:


HelperNate (21299)

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