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Tired of your forum status that you posted to be blocked due to constant birthday wishes and/or others writing on another person's timeline? Well I propose the idea to see more recent status updates than just simply the last 4 from the index!


Here's how I propose it works:


From the first image shown above, a button should be added like the one at the bottom of the image like "Click for more status updates" or "More recent status updates."



Then when clicked, another page will appear like the second image shown directly above showing more recent status updates posted by other users as well as content written to another person's profile. This can be sorted by pages to go further back to see past statuses.


Bonus idea: Maybe there should be a limit as to how far you can go back to viewing the recent status updates. EG: 1 week, 1 month. However, the option to view YOUR past statuses on YOUR profile remains intact.

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