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Block Toons Playing Gamebot

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Do you enjoy hosting GameBot contests on xat and giving out xat prizes, but hate when prize distributions are delayed due to unregistered users winning the game? Well I propose a new idea!


Unregistered / logged out users should be blocked from participating in GameBot games if a prize is set.





Take Snakerace for example. You see in the above image how you cannot normally play the game if you don't have the power? I wish this would've been fixed by now! The same should apply to toons playing gameraces involving prizes. GameBot should private message them something like "You need to be registered to play."


On their side, the game should stay at the home screen and stay there until the game has started without prizes, or until the user has logged into their account in time for the next game. This will apply when a gamerace has started with prizes, but a toon wants to try to win xats without logging into their account.




This is what everybody sees when they first open the Matchrace app. For toons wanting to play this game with a prizefund in gamebot, the game should not proceed past this screen for them, and as indicated in the first image, the GameBot should private message them something like "You need to be registered to play."


While I am aware that another alternative would be having chat staff moderate games and distribute prizes themselves, this would save the hassle of having a human keep track of such events and prevent delays such as these.




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