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HTML5 Doodle - New won't work with flash?

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We are going to make a new version of Doodle for HTML5.


We are thinking of adding features while we do it.


This will make it incompatible with the flash Doodle.

(and we will not be updating flash Doodle)


I think this is ok but thought we should ask.


What do you think?


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We need undo and redo buttons.


I also posted a suggestion back in 2017 about users being able to have one doodle permanently set to their ID, which can be viewed by clicking a little yellow button next to their name.



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6 hours ago, myow said:

we  need update for  to  make trade in that app and copy the phrases.......

allow to users to open a lot of windows in that app not go in just one chat 



This isn’t about the trade application. This is about the Doodle Application for HTML5. 


Please read what the topic is about. If you want to suggest new features and ideas to HTML5, then open up a suggestion thread.


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I think Sloom covered most but I'd add:


  • Eyedropper Tool: Because I shouldn't have to memorize what colours I use
  • Opacity Tool: To make a colour you're using darker or lighter
  • Ruler or line tool: To create straight lines at different angles etc.
  • Different brush types: Pencil, marker, paint brush, calligraphic etc.
  • Text tool: Could be one simple font, but have the capability of making it bigger or smaller
  • Paint bucket tool: Sloom mentioned automatic background colour but also allowing the capability of filling in certain closed paths would be nice
  • Showcase button: I know you can see others drawings if you open the app but allowing to showcase your work to everyone in the main chat would be cool, similar to a kiss (eg. "Sloom has created a masterpiece!")
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2 hours ago, Admin said:

So nobody is objecting to a "breaking change" ie html5 (new) doodle won't be able to talk to flash (old) doodle?

This shouldn't be necessary as the old doodle app will be obsolete in the future (when flash is gone).


Focus should be put on new features for new doodle app.

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39 minutes ago, SethTI said:

So this means flash doodle won't load anymore?!

This means the new Doodle app will provide new features to users but the flash Doodle won't communicate with the new one, therefore, it won't have such features.

The new Doodle might replace the flash one, though.

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I agree on making it HTML5 only.


Flash is going to be archaic soon, and it is already a pain to many users due to Chrome and other related browser issues.

It's problematic for xat to keep looking at issues from Flash as they're now giving more priority to the "HTML5 xat".


This will be also a nice motivation for new and old users to try the new modern doodle app, and at the same time help xat test and improve the HTML5.


I've been using the HTML5 for a while, and it's very optimized I usually hang out on seven or eight chats at the same time, and I get no lag issues. That's amazing. 

Through Flash I'd be having nightmares with spiralfx names and other Flash monsters that grew over the years eating all of our RAM. May HTML5 save us. 


Flash no more.

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On 2/14/2019 at 2:38 AM, Crow said:

We need undo and redo buttons.

The users of xat have waited for these buttons a long time ago. It's wrong to have to delete several things and / or start over.


I do not think that it is necessarily a "change of rupture" because the community has adapted to the small changes that have been implemented in HTML5 that are very significant.

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