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Contributor Monthly Log - January 2019


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On the first day of the new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a thread providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors and I'm sure they'd be happy to bring it up for discussion if deemed necessary.

You can find our previous logs here.


Ongoing Discussions


The Arabic community is a large and valuable part of xat. One Contributor suggested that we create an official lobby for them, similar to Social and Chat, in the Arabic language. This chat would give the Arabic community the attention it deserves. The main argument against this idea is that we don't have anyone suitable to manage the chat. We would require someone who understands the language perfectly and has spent a long, long time on Arabic chats. We would require them to be trusted, hardworking and have experience of running Arabic chats. Another criticism is that simply creating a new chat does not guarantee it will be popular - it'll just be a new chat with a manager that users won't have seen before. The discussion is ongoing, although it's not likely to happen anytime soon.


Concluded Discussions


Luca has resigned from his duties as manager of the Italian help and lobby chats Aiuto and La_Stanza respectively. Luca was a member of the Contributors team for many years, and he will be missed. Before he resigned, it was recommended that Negan become the new chat manager (main owner) to assume his responsibilities. Although Negan was unfamiliar to many Contributors, it was decided that Luca's judgement should be trusted and that he would be given the opportunity instead of re-directing the chats to Assistance. We wish Negan all the best in his exciting new roles as manager!



Sydno has been a main owner on the Spanish help chat Ayuda since July 2018. During this time, he has been supervising the chat and training potential new managers to take over. As part of this process, Samuel was appointed as co-manager a few weeks ago, and he has taken naturally to the role - being extremely active and dedicated. As planned, Sydno has now stepped down and Samuel has taken sole charge. We look forward to a bright new future on Ayuda. Keep up the good work, Samuel!



The main owner of the Arabic lobby chat 7reqa (which translates to 'fire'/'lit'), applied for the chat to be auto-promoted in the Arabic language. The chat is very active and has a full staff list with rules. It has been compared to an Arabic version of Social chat but also hosts contests. It was decided to give this popular chat an opportunity and grant the request (with approval from Admins too).



A restriction has now been added to Tribute chat applications. It has been decided that users must wait at least one month before submitting applications for different chat groups. This is intended to stop users from submitting an excessive number of applications for different chats they own simply because they keep being rejected. It is also intended to make users think more carefully before submitting applications.



A few weeks ago, a Contributor suggested we start a project whereby users could nominate others who they feel have contributed to the community and deserve to be recognized. Reasons why someone could be nominated include helping others, solving a problem, mediating a conflict, event planning, random acts of kindness, outstanding achievements, etc. The main criticism of this idea is that friends will nominate their friends, although a counter-argument is that we would require as much evidence as possible to consider a nomination, so baseless nominations would not be considered. Another criticism is that the project will lead to envy and disappointment for many users, especially if prizes are involved. It could also lead to the judges being targeted and being accused of bias - although it depends who the judges are. Yet another criticism is that users who contribute to the community are already recognized on https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Special_Thanks or are already Contributors, Volunteers, Wiki Editors, etc. A counter-argument to this is that not all contributions are listed on the wiki, such as "took responsibility for Trade chat while the main owner was on vacation for a year" or "has stepped up and owned his new responsibilities as chief editor of the Ayuda blog" or even "has learned from past mistakes and has become an outstanding moderator on Loja chat". Not all contributions are performed by those groups of users either. Later that month, on 23 January 2019, the user maxo decided to start a very similar project and it was decided not to pursue the idea any further.


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