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What's your biggest regret?

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I'm opening this topic to discuss regrets and things in the past we wish we would've done differently.

My biggest regret is that i was booked in for the Oxford entrance exam in 2013 but withdrew because I thought I wasn't good enough. I always imagine what could've been!

If you're comfortable sharing your biggest regrets, let's hear them! Maybe it'll ease the pain... (a)

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@Crow is not the college course or school that will change our way of being each of us and good and has a gift in something equal I for example I am quite intelligent born with deficiency what makes us be very good and our ability to arrive in the objective along with the obstacles there is no barrier that interrupts another. thing many people find it better to call a colleague's person but in fact it is not so friendship makes us childhood

we all have a dream to be accomplished nothing and easy there is always one wanting to overthrow it can get it but when it comes back and a success it is necessary to catch up and fight a lot to grow but always with capacity not depending on anyone but not need to do some kind of sin

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