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I know all these things, it's good for all those who do not know about it! (a)
Congratulations on your work, so everyone will know history at xat, even if not all of it is added here!

You all did a good job! 

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Back in 2011, adding gamebans to the website was something new and pretty interesting since people always considered getting banned as something negative (which leads to a feature that should be remembered). What do you think?

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xat is a social network based on chat, with more than seven million users. Users can compete with each other through chat rooms, through simple games, but the main use is to chat. In addition, users can include a xat chat on their MySpace profile, Live Spaces, BlogSpot and others, from their blogs to easily chat with friends who are currently visiting the blog itself. On April 5, 2006, xat created a survey, which is a flash content that can be created in any size and put on your website. Along with that, "free room 101" was introduced, so, it would be used for a list of things you can not stand, and on which people can agree, click on the outgoing, or disagree by pressing the heart. The xat survey and free room 101 were both free to use. At the end of September 2006, he unveiled a chat window xat, which was a chat window you can embed in your web page, like most of the Flash content in xat.

In early January 2007, xat created three chat groups, which were "Ignition", "Illusion" and "Flirt". These were the first chat groups in addition to "lobby". In early May 2007, users were now able to create their own chat groups. The users were able to edit their chat group page with putting things below the chat window, this was useful for people who are able to insert things like chat rules and other things. In mid-August 2007, xat updated its website with a newer look design along with a search through Google that searches for xat or the World Wide Web along with a Wiki xat, as well as with guides to help users in xat. On October 3, 2007, xat implemented a feature that can change the chat language or the website itself from a variety of languages.

On March 8, 2008, xats and days were introduced. On March 24, 2008, he presented the radios in the chat boxes. That allowed users to use a radio in their chat group so that people can listen to an Internet radio station that is used for the chat group. Then, later, xat threw the powers. In 2010 the group powers were introduced, that the powers of those powers are that they can be assigned and then used without days. Some powers are rare and are found in limited quantities at launch.

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