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Background Contest for La_Stanza


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General Contest Information:
Hi, we decided to start a new contest which the user needs to make a background (INNER / OUTER) for La_Stanza.


Requirements and Limitations:

  • You must provide both an inner and outer backgrounds.
  • The dimensions of the inner background must be 728 * 486 px
  • The dimensions of the outer background must be 2560 *1440 px or larger
  • You must provide a matching button color.
  • Your enter must be posted publicly here.
  • Pls don’t create something too dark or too bright.
  • CSS may be used for minor modifications
  • You may post as many entries as you like


Prize information:

1st place: 5,000 xats

2nd place: 2,000 xats

3rd place: 1,000 xats


Judges: Negan (1100011) MARLENAAAA (104857211)


The prize holder is vol @Sydno.


Contest time:
The contest will end 17-2 at 21:00 (gmt +1)


Wish you all good luck!

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