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Deal or No Deal "Audition" Thread

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Hi all! As I mentioned here, I'm going to be bringing Deal or No Deal to xat! This is the "audition" thread that I mentioned in the General Discussion topic! Unfortunately, this is supposed to be a 1-

After tallying the results, the 5 lucky winners are:   Dork (256184047) D4niel (100344585) Seth (239476217) Caiio (286878393) and xMarshallz (428933352)!   Congratulations! You 5 a

To @Dork @-Daniel @SethTI @Caiio @Marshall Deal or No Deal game will start @ Game chat @ 7PM GMT / 2PM EST tomorrow (24 hours from now)!   Since this is supposed to be a 1-player game show o

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