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LOJA CARNIVAL 2019 Win xats + ID 666555

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IT'S LOJA ANNIVERSARY !!!! BAM BAM BAMM! When you hear the drums through the Brazilian streets it means that carnival is starting. Lets celebrate all together!    Hello guys. Just as I

Hello,  First, I'd like to invite you for our Carnival Events. Some of you may remember how Loja contests are run. To respect those memories, we decided to improve this event to make sure th

New changes  for the id  666555  we decided to give away and thanks @Misterfor his contribution,to one lucky user  . As always here some Rules to follow :  Reply to this thread with your Reg

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7 hours ago, Vritme said:

I'm always here to help you for me you are like a familey chat loja love all staff

Thank you very much  

Im glad to hear that  

Many ty once more 

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11 hours ago, Marya said:



When you hear the drums through the streets of Brazil it means that the carnival is starting and why not? Lets celebrate all together this time.  


Hello guys just how i have promised in  previous contest during Christmas, lets celebrate THE CARNIVALS IN LOJA. 

I want to thank Cupim once more and thank him for all he has done for xat and for us.

I have decided to donate 40000 xats towards this contest to make it happen. 

I want to ask @Addict, @Angelo @lemona, @Kaay help to make this contest happen and of course we have the support from @Cupim, @Mister, @Stif And Brazilian 

@Shizuo = Italian   

@maxo  = ARABIC 

I want to thank @Mister as well for his contribution towards the contest giving away a 6 digit ID, thank you very much. 

How does this contest work? simple, without a bunch of rules. 

Participate the day of the carnivals in LOJA ( March 1st, 2019 ) 

The contest will be based on questions carried out by: 

Mister and Cupim Stif = Brazilian  

@AddictBryan, @lemona and @Angelo = English 

@Kaay & @Marya = Spanish / Romanian 

@Shizuo= Italian   

We will try to make this day special and unforgettable for you guys 

And lastly i want to thank you my heart for taking your time to read this and i will be expecting you in LOJA CARNIVAL March 1st 2019 so make sure to safe the date 

the time is still pending, we will be informing very soon. 


                                        Simple questions: 50-150 xats per question

                                        Hard questions: 300 xats per question

                                        Epic questions 400-500 xats per question    



Regards <3 



                                                                                            descarga (41).png


U're Best Manita ♥

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