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LOJA CARNIVAL 2019 Win xats + ID 666555


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7 hours ago, Vritme said:

I'm always here to help you for me you are like a familey chat loja love all staff

Thank you very much  

Im glad to hear that  

Many ty once more 

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11 hours ago, Marya said:



When you hear the drums through the streets of Brazil it means that the carnival is starting and why not? Lets celebrate all together this time.  


Hello guys just how i have promised in  previous contest during Christmas, lets celebrate THE CARNIVALS IN LOJA. 

I want to thank Cupim once more and thank him for all he has done for xat and for us.

I have decided to donate 40000 xats towards this contest to make it happen. 

I want to ask @Addict, @Angelo @lemona, @Kaay help to make this contest happen and of course we have the support from @Cupim, @Mister, @Stif And Brazilian 

@Shizuo = Italian   

@maxo  = ARABIC 

I want to thank @Mister as well for his contribution towards the contest giving away a 6 digit ID, thank you very much. 

How does this contest work? simple, without a bunch of rules. 

Participate the day of the carnivals in LOJA ( March 1st, 2019 ) 

The contest will be based on questions carried out by: 

Mister and Cupim Stif = Brazilian  

@AddictBryan, @lemona and @Angelo = English 

@Kaay & @Marya = Spanish / Romanian 

@Shizuo= Italian   

We will try to make this day special and unforgettable for you guys 

And lastly i want to thank you my heart for taking your time to read this and i will be expecting you in LOJA CARNIVAL March 1st 2019 so make sure to safe the date 

the time is still pending, we will be informing very soon. 


                                        Simple questions: 50-150 xats per question

                                        Hard questions: 300 xats per question

                                        Epic questions 400-500 xats per question    



Regards <3 



                                                                                            descarga (41).png


U're Best Manita ♥

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On ‎1‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 4:55 AM, Marya said:


Mister and Cupim Stif = Brazilian  

@AddictBryan, @lemona and @Angelo = English  

@6= tagalog , danish <3 

@Kaay & @Marya = Spanish / Romanian 

@Shizuo= Italian                              

And me Chines

Enjoy xD

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