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Hello XATers.
I have an idea I do not know if you like it! (wailing)

Let it be written in zoom letters!
There are smilies zoom. why not TEXT?

Command /textz 
SizeZoom from Example1 - 5Example
Message sent USER1:  /textz Note:#z3 Today is a contest here!
Message received USER2: Note: Today is a contest here!

What happens if I just use this command: - /textz
Normal text appears, only the difference will be black and it will look a bit thicker, just like in the exemple!

Can not be abused, not everyone can write with zoom.
Below is the list of who can use this option.
- Register USER
- You need 2 or more days to work! (Like translator).
- Just in official xat, debug xat, and all xat.com reliable! - Like: Mundosmilies, Fonduri, shop, and others. . .
- Just the Owner/main owner.

We can do this now, but I want to have something original for xat.com. xD
Note: Probably in HTML5 this will be allowed! (FREE Option/Command).

What do you say about this idea?!

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Sorry but I haven't seen any usefulness in increasing/decreasing the size of the letter. This could make the chat more polluted.


And also, you can change the size of the letters using a letter generator (like this one).

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Hey Luig, Thank you for the answer.

To be a perfect chat I think you need to have access to everything, even if it is useless, they are going to be used.

An example from another world  xD  - I do not love the Kia car, I just love BMW, That does not mean that there must be just BMW, I know that many love Kia, I think many will and many will not! 8-)
Exactly with this idea!

Now no one wants, after that it will be useful, I am 100% sure!

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i think the normal size of letters is very clear i don't see any importance to increase or decrease the size + increasing the size of letters could spam the chat 

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it would be good as a free feature not a power for others to see, it could be customized based on how each user wants to see his own text and other's text, also for people who have difficulties reading text they can use their browser zoom in and out feature.

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Currently the source, size and thickness used in xat are sufficient, I believe there is no reason to create a power that can increase the size.



 But thank you to suggest, you always have nice ideas.

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