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Write in coment.

What are the 5 reasons that make you stay in xat.com? Âť
Please, there have to be serious answers. Thank you.

Later I will add these 5 reasons, first I want to see some sincere and motivated opinions! :$ 

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Hey Bau 

Good point your post  

Honestly i was far for xat,  studing etc ..  i think,  if im not wrong 2 years and something.. 

After i finish  part of my study and i get good work i back again  , and im here. 

Have something , xat is in us  hearts   

I noot need any pozition on xat or something else just i feel is my place here 

I dont know why  

Reasons .. is part from my life  , to help users  ...  

That is my reason..  

I dont have others reasons  

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Hello. There are many reasons why one SHOULD stay at xat. Unfortunately, I cannot relate as I left mid-2015. What I can say is what has brought me back is the hope that through time and effort xat can improve its user base through more publicity. The old friends and experiences are some of the dearest memories of xat. From BFF's to marriages to divorces, xat has been a haven for many users over the years. This is my two cents.

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well @Bau thanks for posting this ok 5 reason that make me stay in xat 1) maxo appreciates xat.com 2) maxo has a dear freinds in xat.com 3) maxo wants to contribute to develope xat.com 4) maxo wants to be in a high level in xat.com 5) this is the important reason maxo is waiting the suitable time to start his seriousness 

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Hello everyone xatFamily, as I promised so and I did.

My 5 reasons to stay here on xat.com.
1) - xat.com/Ajutor/assistance
I love this xat´s for a long time, but I started building my empire some years ago, when I helped the admin with a  test and he was happy. This happened on xat.com/Ajutor and xat.com/Ajuda.
I was always happy in xat´s, the only mistake was to trust the wrong people.

2) - ARCbots.com
I spend a lot of time here helping people with BOT´s
I am happy, and I always had a good relationship with everyone, even though it was time when there were small conflicts, that I had reasons to leave. (above I mentioned why)
Thanks to the whole staff/members that is with us to make ARCbots as professional and friendly as possible.

3) - My insistence to bring confidence and peace, which has long been absent in the xat´s, has only remained in a few people who continue to fight for the xat´s to be better and better.
Not everyone likes me, but I can't say I like everyone. (it´s a life).
I almost didn't do anything for xat, if that is your thought, because xat´s does not leave a chance for everyone to start from the beginning, let others vote or choose before choosing admin.
Here is a big mistake people can take personally, but that's not all, that's done is for xat´s.

4) - Everypower/contests/events/fĂłrum/wiki/FriendsXAT.
- I like all the powers in chat, even if it does not use all powers.
- I like to do contests and events whenever I can and I have the possibility. (I feel that the person is as happy as me, I can offer what I have and the person to receive what I could offer, that motivates me).
- I like forum and I am almost always active, but invisible.
- The Wiki is great, it offers a lot of information about powers, security for xat.com, staff, and more.
- I don't have many real friends in xat, but I have many friends in xat, and they are all good friends. (I love you all)
- We all know that no one is perfect, but we always find a person who is perfect, even if it is just for us.
I do not consider myself a perfect person, but I am honest and I always try to go on the right path.

5) - Mundosmilies.com / Mundoxat.com - xatWorld.com
It is great to know that there are still people who work to give other people comfort without thinking about money or expecting something in return (I'm sure they deserve all the respect from us, thank you very much)
Keep doing this because you are doing a good job.

Do not consider 1 to 5, all the reasons are of the same degree.
I have many more reasons, but I asked for 5 and had to respect the 5 reasons that were also requested by me.

Regards Bau

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