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Extra blocking feature for the forum

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So, you know how the forum has an "ignore" feature? Well, Leandro brought this idea up earlier, which would allow you to block someone on the forum. However, this wouldn't just hide the blocked person's post. The blocking feature would block certain users from being able to comment on status updates as well as your own threads.


Something like this: 













Replace user with their name.


It's just an idea, not saying it has to be implemented, but it will be useful for users like me who don't want certain people to reply to their status updates.

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23 minutes ago, Actavus said:

The forum was not coded by xat.

Admin/volunteers also most likely does not specialize in making plugins for this forum's software.


Your better off finding plugins from https://invisioncommunity.com/files/category/160-applications-and-plugins/ and suggesting admin of things to add.

And if you do manage to find a plugin, please make sure it's free (or very low cost) and also compatible with the current IPS forum software version that we're running.

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I don't agree with one part, and that's the thread part, if you make a thread they should be able to reply to the thread.

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