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@cfr_tobias when you want to make a suggestion of a power follow these rules



How to Suggest a Smilie Power

Powers that include a pack of smilies (usually ten smilies) are considered smiley powers. You can combine them, color them, and use their limited pawns (hat codes).


Remember these things when suggesting a smiley power:

Think of the pawns that should be created based on the smilies you describe.

Some smiley powers have a kiss included in such a way that you must have the power in order to send the associated kiss. You can suggest these types of powers, but make sure to describe the animation.

Try to come up with at least ten different smilies for each smiley power. Describe how they would look and what name you would give them, and include any other information you can think of.


How to Suggest a Functional Power

Powers that allow you to have extra features on the chat are tagged as functional powers. These premium features sometimes only affect certain ranks on the chat. Another example is a power that allows you to color your name in some way.


When proposing a functional power, be thoughtful. If it has to do with banning, for example, then you will need to remember to think of ways in which the feature could be abused. Describing a solid plan for your suggested feature is always the best way to get the community excited.


read this rules please to understand how to make a suggestion, in the screen i think you want to propose a functional power. THANKS

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