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  1. 1. Do you like this idea?

  2. 2. Do you think this can be added to xat?

  3. 3. Does this idea exist in xat?

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Hello XATers.

I have a new idea and I think it needs to be added!
All xat Groups created for at least 30 days will be added here as a new group!


what do you think about this idea?

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I can't imagine the number of chatgroups created daily by the users from different communities.

Maybe listing them all would be a chaos, plus, why would you be interested in knowing the newest chat groups?

We already have Featured and Popular sections.

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I'm not interested in seeing new xat groups, I just came up with this idea because a lot of buddies ask, do not you know what new groups are there now?
And I do not know how to answer.



Yes, I understand you are right, but if there is this way of payment?
For example 1000xats 30 days.



It's just an idea.(a)

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1 hour ago, Bau said:

Yes, I understand you are right, but if there is this way of payment?
For example 1000xats 30 days.


1 hour ago, Phin said:

Many users would find ways to abuse this, and xat would lose money/stop making money due to users making chats and getting free xats and days out of it.

I'm guessing he meant that's the cost to put it on the list, but there's promotion so that makes no sense.

If he meant what you're thinking, then just flat no

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Hello everyone, and thanks for the answers, it's very important for me to know what others think about this idea!
I will not respond to all 1/2/3, but do I want to know how it will be an abuse? it will be paid.

How do you lose money and customers, or many xats, if it's only 30 days, and is it a paid method?

How can he be abused?
I do not, as many others do not think of making a new xat, paying 1000 xats to add 30 days!
For what?

How can it be abused, how can there be a problem?

You have Registername and IDS, You paid once, you can not do it again!

Are you going to make 100000 registries and xat.com groups just to add 30 days?
Who is crazy to do this?

I do not know, I do not understand how it can abuse, because there will be a list of new groups.

To promote xat.com costs 1000 xats per 10 hours!
You can promote 24/7 if you have a lot of xats!

This is not about abuse, or xats, or money, it's about knowing the newly created groups, having access to this information only!

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