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What would you do if you had $5,000,000,000 (5 Billion Dollars)


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Oh I just thought of something. 


Buy a mansion, put a Roman Bathhouse in there, put a Praetor's room, a centurions room, (I'll make it Roman themed). 


Then have a huge room with computers (500 in total with 3 per one person) with tons of wifi.

This would be the ultimate gaming experience. I would have tons of security cameras in this house.


In my Praetor's room, I would have the ultimate gaming experience in there as well has having a good bed, and lots of other things. Of course the computers would be in a different room. 

I would have TWO Praetor rooms though. I would add a movie theater in the mansion, I would have a pool, a secret hide out for me and other people, invitation cards, infrared cameras everywhere (except one spot), I would add more bedrooms as well. 


A separate room for friends /family to visit, security guards. 


I would buy all of the old run down buildings and house the poor, and assist them financially if needed. 





Edit: I'll add everything when I can think about it. 

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9 hours ago, Arckas said:

#1: Not tell anyone. Anyone. I don't want my family at risk of kidnap nd ransom.

#2: Delete this post.

#3: Establish a diversified low-risk investment portfolio that provides $5M/year indefinitely.

Now that's in order:

Philanthropy:  I would set up trusts to support the following: 

  • victims of child abuse
  • research into SIDS/SADS and mental illness
  • internet freedom
  • getting the homeless back on their feet

I'd anonymously pay off the debts of people close to me; the aim being to ensure they don't have to struggle without eroding their ability or will to provide for themselves, and to not draw special attention to anyone (including my own family).

Business/Philanthropy: Start a film/music production studio specialising in low budget and independent projects.  Build an independent secular school for my kids to go to.  Support my friends' and family's businesses and passions.  Find out if there's life on Europa.  Build the world's greatest fromagerie/cafe/martini bar.

Selfish stuff: My "anonymous benefactor" would buy us a nice house at the beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, a black Land Rover Defender dual cab for me, an Audi Q7 for the missus and some really nice handmade suits and shoes.  Once all my affairs were in place, I'd get my pilot's license (fixed and rotary).  We'd travel.  I'd learn to surf.  We'd get a couple of cats.  I'd cook thai food - the kind that takes days to prepare.  I'd probably hire the Dave Matthews Band to play a gig at the fromagerie.  I'd get a daily massage.

To be perfectly honest, I'd probably also spend a fair bit of money on elaboratepranks

This thread isn't called "What would James Radvan do if he had $5,000,000,000"!

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buy a yakht for @Cupim buy a house for @Fons and @Santademonia buy a car for @Marya buy another house for @Christina and her husband buy a car for @Solange(toj) buy a suit for @Anas buy a truck for @Addict buy a gold pen for @Junior buy something for @LaFleur (toj) buy a nice dress for @Sevda and @DonQuijote buy shoes for @xLaming buy jewelry for @Page and buy the xat.com company for me :d 

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On 12/27/2018 at 12:18 AM, maxo said:

buy a yakht for @Cupim buy a house for @Fons and @Santademonia buy a car for @Marya buy another house for @Christina and her husband buy a car for @Solange(toj) buy a suit for @Anas buy a truck for @Addict buy a gold pen for @Junior buy something for @LaFleur (toj) buy a nice dress for @Sevda and @DonQuijote buy shoes for @xLaming and buy the xat.com company for me :d 

Just a dress for me? 🤕

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Some comments are hilarious are funny! I enjoyed reading them. (toj)


In all seriousness, I would be very thankful if I have this worth of money and I would travel the whole world as much as I love to always

  • of course my whole family and friends would be the first to receive money from me, I'll make them millionaires first (hippo).
  • I just have to make sure that I still have enough money saved for when I'm old and can't work anymore. I'd buy a dream house, car,  jewelries, etc. for myself 
  • go to places where there's still many unfortunate people living in many poor villages, give them enough money to have a good house, enough money to pay for education, medical and for investment
  • donate money to different charities, personally donate and help to many people who are struggling financially with their health and education (in my country studying and medical are free)
  • donate to poor schools, have some kind of scholarship programs to students (in my few travels to some countries in Asia, I have seen some classrooms in schools that are very poorly built, books and other school supplies are very needed by students and even the students doesn't have a proper school uniforms)
  • To build and manage several Hotel and Restaurants in some countries :$


On xat (Not buying xat though lol) :$

  • I would give 1M xats to every users who are in my friends' list right now and 6M xats to my bffs .. uwu
  • I would give EP to everyone I first see on the chat the day I win a 5 billion dollars
  • A contest every week worth of 1M xats worth of giveaways
  • To give Paul 50M dollars so she can find a gf..lol jk
  • To give Maxo 100M dollars so he can buy all those things he wanted to buy to his friends
  • To buy a cat Island and gift to Elie uwu 
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