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Meme awards of 2018

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Hello and welcome to the 2018 meme awards. I'm hella bored and have finals next week so I decided to create a fun little post that will most likely get deleted due to bias, favouritism, or people whining, because in 2018 we whine about everything.


Note that before you get butthurt, this is harmless and will be used to express the best xat 2018 memes. Hopefully nobody will assume I'm throwing shade because I have no reason to.


I'm going to start this list. Feel free to share your best or worst 2018 moments and feel free to share the best memes of xat in 2018.


1. My life

2. xat diss tracks!

3. Aida leaving Paul (Jk Paul :$)

4. Jed keeping a chat fore more than one week

5. Mike letting Jed manage social thinking there would be a good outcome. (No offense!)

6. Help staff (or any official staff for that matter)

7. Contributor applications

8. Online dating. Find someone irl you nerds.


That's about all I can think of, but I'm sure your creative minds can add on to this, if it's not deleted, which it will be since this community has a strong hatred against me.

Please do not remove this or I'll have to banish you to the stocks. (Ily if you get that reference!)


Have a nice day and happy holidays!

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23 minutes ago, Phin said:

I'm hella bored and have finals next week


Why are you not studying right now?! 

btw my favourite meme was the number 7.

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