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32 minutes ago, Teddy said:

Hello guys.


Hello @Admin

If the ID (19960000) has not been sold, I ask you to release it again at the Auction, as when the same happened with the ID 444000444. (Due to an mistake bid).



I want buy it.


Auction is done for another year or so.

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14 minutes ago, Stif said:

That's probably true B, although when a bid is done by mistake, he usually restart the auction for this specific ID. As @Teddy said, he did the same for 444000444.

Admin is not gonna have a whole auction for one ID atm :$ 

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I propose every 6 month if is possible Auction @Auction @Addict 

It's not good, to wait until 2020 for another auction  

But i thik honestly in this moment many users need that, we need grow up . 

And I think that, the opinion of the users at this moment, is very very important 

And many thanks for everything in advance. 

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I agree with @Marya

I suggest two ID Auction for each year.


1. ID Auction/ New Year, January 1st.

2. ID Auction/ Independence USA, July 4th.

3. ID Auction/ Blackfriday. (OPTIONAL).

I hope you consider this proposal, @Admin

Edited by Teddy
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