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Making your own command processor


In this function:

  function Receive(u, j) {


  if(j.action == 'message')
    doCommands(j.elements.t, u);

then add something like this:

  doCommands(u, m)
    let i,id
    if(!m) return; // ignore blank messages
    if(m.charAt(0) != '@') return; // first character must be @
    m = m.toLowerCase().substr(1).split(' '); // Split the command line into an array
      case 'start' :
        main(); // call game main to restart
      case "add":
      case 'invite' :
        if(m[1] == 'off') { delete this.bot.invited; return; } // turn off invite mode
        if(!this.bot.invited) this.bot.invited = {}; // invited mode on
        id = this.xInt(m[1]);
        if(id && this.bot.users[id]) { this.bot.invited[id] = true; return; }
        id = m[1].toLowerCase();
        for(i in this.bot.users)
          if(id == this.bot.users[i].regname) { this.bot.invited[i] = true; return; }
        this.bot.sendMessage(m[1].replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9_]/g, '')+' not in the chat');
      case "remove":
      case "uninvite":
        if(!this.bot.invited) return;
        id = this.xInt(m[1]);
        if(id && this.bot.invited[id]) { delete this.bot.invited[id]; return; }
        id = m[1].toLowerCase();
        for(i in this.bot.users)
          if(id == this.bot.users[i].regname) { delete this.bot.invited[i]; return; }
      case "list":
        let cMsg = '';
          cMsg = "Invites are off";
          for(id in this.bot.invited)
            cMsg += (this.bot.users[id].regname ? this.bot.users[id].regname : id)+' ';
            cMsg = "Invited users: "+cMsg;
            cMsg = "No invited users";

This is a basic command manager. You can add commands if you want or change the messages.


You could also add 

if(u != 42) // Only allow 42 to control this game
  bot.sendMessage("You need to know the answer to xat, the universe and everything to control this game!");

Note do not use


or the library will handle commands for you

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