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So, the topic pretty much speaks for itself. All you need to do is to pick your crew and choose who you would want to fight with you in order to find the One Piece. You can choose any character from the show (dead or alive) and have them serve under you as captain. You can have up to 10 total members to be part of your crew excluding yourself. As captain, you can choose whether you want a devil fruit and what ability it would be or to have no devil fruit.


My Crew:


Captain: Myself

Devil fruit: Death Death Fruit (This will be the power to turn everyone around me to ashes. This ability also allow me to choose who I want to turn to ashes so my crew members won't be effected by the devil fruit. There's no counter to this devil fruit therefore anyone who opposes me will automatically be turned to ash.)


Crew Members:

1) Gol. D. Roger

2) WhiteBeard

3) Kaido

4) Shanks

5) Big Mom

6) BlackBeard

7) Aokiji

8) Alkainu

9) Dragon

10) Mihawk



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Captain: Myself

Devil fruit: None, because I want to swim. :$ But I'd need a strong haki overall, including conquerors haki.


Crew Members:

  1. Luffy
  2. Ace (navigator)
  3. Sabo
  4. Zoro
  5. Katakuri
  6. Reiju
  7. Pudding (cook)
  8. Boa
  9. Marco the Phoenix (doctor)
  10. Ivankov

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