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This idea is inspired from the Ohagi man and from a donut animation of Bestfriend power. (the donut and cup holding each other looks so sweet)

8TiZp9h.png                                        Bestfriend-Preview-Donut.gif


The idea of this power is having a couple of smilies with limb hands and feet (the smilies can have feet or without). Here's a few examples below.


1. a fruit, cup, donut or riceball smiley dancing, a cookie in awe, a pizza being mad xD

SKwiVPX.png           SVIos8L.png         CWJYeFo.png



  • a dice smiley stops from rolling down and hands and feet slowly appears one by one
  • an ohagi smiley trying to jump off the fence


Valentines theme smilies: a set of couple foods and drinks (just like the donut and coffee cup animation)

2. a popcorn bucket and drinks couple, bacon and egg couple, kringle and coffee couple

cv3LwhE.png           wIdhKDR.png          19caGlX.png


  • a hamburger and a soda drinks couple hugging each other
  • a glass of milk and a cookie couple
  • a pancake and a syrup of bottle couple
  • a hotdog and a ketchup paste couple


A pawn I could think for this but not sure if it would fit to a small pawn (sman)




I'm still not sure what appropriate name to give to the smilies, so any suggestions of what name should these smilies have?



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