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1 - Stratego


Stratego /strəˈtiːɡoʊ/ is a strategy board game for two players on a board of 10×10 squares. Each player controls 30 pieces representing individual officer ranks in an army. The pieces have Napoleonic insignia. The objective of the game is to find and capture the opponent's Flag, or to capture so many enemy pieces that the opponent cannot make any further moves. Stratego has simple enough rules for young children to play, but a depth of strategy that is also appealing to adults. The game is a slightly modified copy of an early 20th century French game named L'Attaque. It has been in production in Europe since World War II and the United States since 1961. There are now 2- and 4-handed versions, versions with 10, 30 or 40 pieces per player, and boards with smaller sizes (number of spaces). There are also variant pieces and different rulesets.

The International Stratego Federation, the game's governing body, sponsors an annual Stratego World Championship

http: //www.stra tego.com/en/play/


2 - Truco


Truco is a variant of the Truc or bluff and a popular card game of breathtaking origin of Valencia and Balearic Islands (Spain) and played in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Italy (Piedmont in Lomellina, and a particular variant in cities Porto San Giorgio, Sirolo, Numana, Porto Recanati, Potenza Picena (Marche) and Paulilatino (Sardegna)), Uruguay, southern Chile and Venezuela.




3 - Tranca



4 - Buraco



5 - Stop


In this multiplayer game wins who can fill with more words with the same letter initiates options like: Name, car, object, city, color...




6 - games of words



7 - games multiplayer snes


8 - webcam for lives and webconferences ... (cute)



It would be amazing to combine a sign language translator with the xat messages


9 - Prodeaf  


10 - HandTalk


In the world, there are almost 360 million people with hearing loss, and in Brazil we have more than 25 million deaf people. Here, the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds) is the second official language of the country. Many deaf people use sign language as their primary language and about 90% of the population is not literate in Portuguese, or it presents great difficulty in reading and writing.

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I have 2 suggestions.


The first being a game where you are catching fruit, and the pawn has hands. Apples/Oranges will be falling, with random anvils falling and if the person isn't quick enough it will flatten them causing them to be unable to move for a few seconds. With a timer of 30 seconds.


The second being a game where it's like a simon says game, directions are put up to press certain arrows, but you have to be quick or else the opponent could press the arrows first. This will be set up in 4 categories adding 2 directions every time. The user with most wins out of the 4 will win. Example: round 1: up, right round 2: up, right, right, left round 3: up, right, right, left, up, down round 4: up, right, right, left, up, down, down, down thus at the end of the game, "User wins!"

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On 11/17/2018 at 8:11 PM, Adonis1223 said:

It would be interesting A game where you can play 4 to several people that we can choose the number of players

For example monopoly an online version

Monopoly or xatopoly can actually be a pretty neat but complex idea. Your pawn could be the pieces on the board, the places on the board could easily relate to xat ex. official chats, the money could be like "game xats" etc.

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I'm still waiting for the soccer game and Penalty soccer (hippo)
- It can be with smilies from the chat, not with teams from all over the world.
- It can be played between powers or smiley. {Choose a smiley/power and play with another random smiley/power}
- To be able to play online Random people online who play or with friends in private.
- To be able to write on the chat while playing.
- To be able to create a game group and gain alliance rank, to be able to add and delete people from the list, [when you delete a person the points accumulated by the person who is deleted to be deleted] This can make people not use people to increase in alliance rank.
Others. . .


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