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This has been added with the (umbrella) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/umbrella

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Winter season is coming, so i would like to suggest this Umbrella power. (victory)

Smiles could be ; umbrella, umbrella 1, umbrella2.. 

There many kind of smiles like :


  • Romance - yellow face with an red umbrella color.
  • Worried, Sad, Calm - yellow face with an black umbrella color. 
  • Girl - yellow face with an pink umbrella color.
  • Sea-love-umbrella 
  • Cat-umbrella
  • Luxury-umbrella
  • Pikachu-umbrella
  • Egyptian-umbrella


More suggestions for smiles its open for you guys!

About the pawn, can be with an umbrella in right hand.
I'm not able to show you an exemple for the pawn, but here some smiles @Alee did draw for me to make an good exemple for this idea.


Screenshot_130.thumb.png.ed6def65c9f73fae9fcc185deaa40eec.png Screenshot_129.thumb.png.5430b5859dcd80e509ffc240bc99b41f.png Screenshot_3.thumb.png.d532a39127ec57f51ea8eaada8302ef7.png


 Screenshot_8.thumb.png.7bc9395d019c1ed808557f059bf4ea02.png   Screenshot_15.thumb.png.6a160169e2edde0e242a7a9b266e0b52.png  Screenshot_16.thumb.png.08fff27fc5d3bf388b5af60444c5154a.png



Power name : Umbrella.
Function : Smiley.
Status : Limited.
Price : 300 - 350

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New smiles added.
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An idea for a hug: a user (with their pic) is standing by the side of the road with an umbrella in the rain when Kcar races past and splashes them with water. The hug message would then appear on the screen.


It would be a nice cameo appearance for Kcar.

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                                                                                   New smilies added:


► sea-love-umbrella 


► luxury-umbrella 

► pikachu-umbrella









                                                                                                   Special Thanks at @Anas for the idea!!             


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4 hours ago, Solange said:

Yes please, we need an umbrella power! I wanted to use an umbrella with a smilie but I didn't find one without effects, so I definitely support this suggestion.


Thank youuu Solange, can create something with this idea, also different!

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