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Contributor Monthly Log - October 2018

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Welcome to the one year anniversary edition of the monthly Contributor log! We can't promise chocolates, jewellery or a romantic meal (or cheap flowers from the gas station), but we do have a brand new review to share with you all. Here's to another exciting year on xat!

You can find our previous logs here.




As per the discussion last month, a Contributor proposed that we revive the old system in which the community was able to vote on a poll and choose a power to be made from a shortlist. We have now reached out to Admins for their thoughts and opinions on this matter. Stay tuned...



A requirement for xat's official Twitter account to become verified is that the account must be active. Regular users will be aware that Admins usually tweet once a week to announce new powers being released in the store. A Contributor suggested that authorised users could be given access to post more content on xat's behalf.


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