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Power typing2

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Hello everyone, I come here to bring a new power already existing with a new form. Typing2, I do not know if they already had this idea or if they already have it, please let me know.


A pencil on top of the notebook writing and a eraser erasing.


http://prntscr.com/ldqa4r / http://prntscr.com/ldqbcj


Same as these drawings in print ^


If you want to use your drawings, please comment!

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i don't see any difference between the existing typing and your typing, there is nothing new in your suggestions so i disagree 

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5 hours ago, LaFleur said:

Hello @iDan,


you may want to include more details to your suggestion. What exactly would be the difference between typing and typing2?

It's a simple suggestion I want to make, add a notebook on the pin, put a pencil and a rubber together on top, just for a slightly better effect.

1 hour ago, HelperNate said:

So basically you're suggesting a power that will allow your pawn to be turned into a notebook, and when you are typing something, the pencil starts writing?

That exactly!

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