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The Million Dollar Question

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A topic to discuss about weather or not xat will consider including subtracted ID's in the new HTML5 chat update in the near future.


To some those who already know, the new version of the chat currently does not subtract the 'zeros' from users with ID abbreviations 'M' or 'B' affixed to their ID's like the old flash chat does.


I'm curious to know from you guys what you think, should they? and is it really necessary?

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Did you mean the $1M question? (hippo) 


I always thought it was a nice touch, although never understood why thousands (K) were never involved. Chat (1000) --> Chat (1K)


In my opinion in makes the ID a bit more unique. 

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You have my permission to change 4000 into 4K, if you wish (a)


But don't start releasing all of them. Keep them very, very rare and as valuable as possible.

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