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Suggest smilies for Muertos


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7 minutes ago, Luig said:

I thought the same thing! Here are some examples.


1- The Suggar Skull!


2- Effect into the xat smilies.


Love the smilies but it would be perfect if they're colorful! :$


My idea of smilies would..


1. Sugar skull/calavera as Angelo metioned above!

2. A yellow smiley having it's eyes all black with flower/petal shaped on the round tip of the blacked eyes.

3. A sugar skull smiley with a mexican hat http://prntscr.com/lay6ug

4. A female and male smiley with sugar skull decorated on their face

5. I'm not sure there's already a smiley, a skeleton standing and dancing while playing a guitar and wearing a mexican hat

6. An old black creepy book with words slowly appearing on the page that says ''your are dead!'' (wailing)


It would be nice having a smiley with a small white skulls falling down on a smiley effect or a small white falling skulls effect we can use to our avatar. I think it's time we get a halloween-theme effects to our avatars. (cute)

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6 hours ago, MisteR said:

I would like to suggest more some smilies: :$

  • a skull moving out of the ground ...
  • a tomb on ground with a blinking cross...
  • an skull with a hat greeting people...
  • some colorful candles melting...
  • an old door with a cross and in the center of the cross a skull...  (A hand holding the cross as if it were a lock to knock and enter through the door) ...


Thanks @Junior @Angelo, for allowing us to suggest here.

I thought of three more suggestions:

  • "sickle of death" the sickle would stand next to the smilie, making a move as if beating the cable on the ground...
    • Note: It could be used next to any smilie.
  • an equal smilie (deadup) with black shoes ... and the "soul" coming out of it ...
  • an accessory ... a sickle to use behind the smilie ... any smilie...
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7 hours ago, Anti said:

Can we start doing this for more powers? I think the idea of having the community suggest more smiley's to powers is good and gets the community involved in the designing process.


People should be able to suggest things they want added if they're willing to purchase the power.

Of course. This doesn't need to be on any specific/special power or something.


You, as smiley maker, can always open a thread and ask the community for ideas for powers like this anytime.

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1. The skull itself must be colorful (or simply white and orange outline)

the hat is black with 3 roses, two red and one in the middle orange - 2. A tomb illuminated with orange flowers


4ZyuJVU.jpg Yu4DHop.jpg

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