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This has been added with the (skull) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/skull

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Hello. I know skull power was already suggested back in May 2014, in a 'suggest a smiley power' thread. However, the idea was very brief and not explained. I recently found a pic which reminded me of the idea, so thought it was worth suggesting and explaining properly this time.


The name would be - skull - (unless you can think of something better). The smilies would be: (sksmile),(skyawn),(skgrin),(sklove),(skcool),(sksad),(skcry),(skfedup),(skdizzy),(skgogo),(skangry),(skdead),(sksleep),(skwhat),(skgag),(skyell). The power would also have a back smilie, and the hat would be an empty skull or a bone. The example is here:


Let me know your thoughts!




PS:The image is just an example. 

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Ye , would be nice for Halloween and not only. About it being creepy it could be done creepier. The PIC I showed is just an example so you have an idea about how it should look.

1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

Yes,  this would be great for halloween.

Maybe a suggestion,  to add a skeleton which is riding a bike and is waving. 

This would be cool. 

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