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Mango Power

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Hello everyone!


We all love mangoes, maybe not everyone does but a huge majority of people do. So let's show our appreciation of mangoes with it's own power!


I would really love to use some mango smilies and some mango pawns to go along with this power if 42 decides to create this power. 


Maybe this should not only be a smiley power, but it should also come with a hug and kiss feature to make it more interesting and worth to buy.


I suggested this new idea because maybe it would encourage users to eat more fruits such as mangoes as fruits help everyone stay healthy.


I will try to make some examples of this power in due time, but I'm sure you can all imagine how mango smilies would look like on a chat.

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Fixed grammar errors and added in new details describing this new suggestion.

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Your enthusiasm for mangos is infectious, but we definitely need more substance. :$ Otherwise, anyone could just pull any random word out of a hat and create a topic about it. 


Please provide those smiley, pawn and hug details as soon as convenient. 

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Halloweey mango ( sorry for the ugly doodle but I wanted it to look like funny) 


I think instead of having mango smilies with regular emotes, we could combine mango smilies in some activities or with some accessories. For example, one mango smiley wearing a sports wear, one smiley dancing, one mango smiley in red color and singing, etc..

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Mangos are native to South Asia, so perhaps those cultures could be implemented into this power somehow.


It's really tricky to differentiate it from the other fruit powers. 

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