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New Contests and Events Section Guideline

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This suggestion is similar to the one about verified prize holders. What I'm proposing here is about the use of people hosting contests in other people's chats.


I'm not going to call out any users here, but just for the sake of this example, let's say that Carl wants to host a contest in Jimmy's chat. Carl is a moderator in that chat and Jimmy is a main owner. What if things go wrong such as Carl flakes? Is it the responsibility of Jimmy for allowing such misconduct in which Jimmy didn't even know was happening? In this suggestion, I am proposing that a new guideline should be added where if Carl wants to host a contest in Jimmy's chat, discussions about such things should be made in advance, much like asking for a verified prize holder to make a background contest. That way when Carl promotes a contest on the forum in Jimmy's chat, Jimmy will have 1 day to reply to the topic confirming this.


Sample for guideline: "If you are hosting a contest in someone else's chat, a main owner will have 1 day to reply to the topic authorizing the contest in their chat."

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