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How to deal with being lonely at school?

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Firstly, ask yourself what it makes you to be like that? Is it the way you look like? either is it something on you? or is it something on others? Don't be afraid to start a conversation with someone else, trust on me, once you have broken your limits (talking to someone else) you will get realize you are capable of much more.


I have always been a shy guy, currently I'm still one, but I got realize what happened on me, it was the way how I looked like (I was fat), that made me to be unsure, I didn't even talk to anyone, I was like you, It just depends on you get realize what makes you feel like that.

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i'll ask you the same question as @iSanty what it makes you to be like that ?   maybe an event that made you like that try to overcome this situation before it will become a psychological disease, There are associations and training institutions to strengthen and develop human personality. try to look for one they will help you

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