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WHAT? Titanic sinks in real time!

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1 hour ago, Nick said:

Did you actually watch this whole thing


At least the camera is actually moving and stuff, and it's not just a still image, haha. Now that would be boring.


It's kinda scary too - something that colossal just disappearing under the water, in the middle of ocean. Dark, lonely... slowly sinking into the depths. Who knows what creatures lurk beneath. And don't you just love the sound of groaning metal? |-)


Watch the last 3 minutes, if nothing else.

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Here's the sequel you never wanted:



It's a game engine, with the same model used in the Titanic video (but modified with davits (cranes), different colors and more detail). The events were thoroughly researched by historians too (such as the sound of the horn, and the angle of the morning sunlight).


4:55 - mine explosion

21:42, 25:15 - lifeboats sucked into the propellers

53:15 - sinking intensifies

55:55 - funnels collapse

58:18 - haunting screech (water rushing into the engine room?)

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Yeah, the sequel wasn't nearly as impressive :$. Heck, she even touched the bottom before she went completely under. No break-up either. 


Here's some more potential reasons why the Titanic is a lot more popular:

  • More people died (nearly 1500 more - including drowning and freezing to death)
  • Not nearly enough lifeboats (only enough for 1/3 of people on board)
  • More people on board (2208 vs 1066)
  • Giant break-up of the ship
  • Popular films were made (Celine Dion)
  • The first disaster of its kind (massive passenger liner hitting an iceberg)
  • It was the ship's maiden voyage (a lot of press coverage)
  • Titanic looked more luxurious (Britannic didn't even get the chance to be used as a passenger liner)
  • More atmospheric (happened at night, hundreds of miles from land)
  • Arguably more tragic (an act of nature rather than man)
  • Might have been avoidable (slowing down through the ice field, more communication between ships, binoculars in the crow's nest, not putting the engines in reverse upon sighting the iceberg)
  • There was another ship on the horizon that didn't rescue them

And so forth... =P

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4 hours ago, Mihay said:

I was on titanic (hippo) . I survived

I know this is a joke but you would've been 100 years old today!


All of the Titanic survivors are also deceased unfortunately which would be impossible to be a survivor.


But I still like your joke Mihay. :$

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