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Hey, @Admin let's talk about xat's #1 problem. Unfair delists. More importantly, xat.com/Vibes being continuously unfairly delisted. Now, when your chat that you PAID for gets delisted for a week, you're like alright... maybe it's justified, and it's only a week. But when you haven't promoted, or broken the ToS, and you wake up to a PERMANENTLY torched chat... You kind of want to know why. Don't you think it's a bit childish to just strip a chat of everything they've worked for/paid for without reason? When even a volunteer doesn't know why a chat is delisted, you realize there's an issue with xat. So let's talk about it. There's very little room for error when running a chat not on promotion. So you must have been watching very carefully, as you failed to do with Social. For future reference, let's put a reason out there to the owners when delisting a chat, and let's go ahead and relist Vibes chat because we all know there was nothing justifiably wrong with the chat for it to be perm torched.

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