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Dunce needs an update!

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Dunce is the most abused power on xat, and it can be annoying sometimes as some users will not stop abusing it.


I think there should be an option for HTML 5 and mobile users that users can block other users from duncing them. For example, in the settings menu on mobile there should be an option called "Dunce" then a drop-down list which gives you the option to allow users to dunce you, or deny users from duncing you.


This should be added because there's a bug with dunce that removes temp moderators if they undunce themselves.

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I don’t know if you should be able to remove the ability to allow people to dunce them (because what if everyone does that? Now we have a useless power!)


But I think there should be a cooldown as to how many times you can dunce a person in a specific period of time, similar to how one may get a Limit when sending too many messages. 

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It's a ban power, BAN <


And to be honest it's just a hat, if people abuse then just left the chat you are or try to contact the main owner,


If they still abusing I think you can report the chat or whatever you want, well, at least there's a option for it.




Finally. I don't think Dunce power needs to be changed.

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This is a joke! Nobody should feel umconfortable for being dunced. What's next? Options to invalidate the use of Badge, Yellowcard, Redcard, etc.?


If you don't feel comfortable in a chat, then let its owner know. If they don't attend your request, go chat elsewhere. It's as simple.


Finally, reporting to xat should not do anything, as this is somehow protected by the "your chat, your rules" logic.

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I actually don't find the point in the dunce power. It's literally just a hat and if you really look at the significance of it, people with incapability of learning are called dunces, which could be insulting. In the late 1950's, Americans used dunce hats as a form of humiliation in schools, which was banned later on.

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