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Flagpawn Feature not another power suggestion

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I don't know if this has been suggested but I would like to suggest that in the flagpawn power there should be a code that the ep pawn should be shown . 

because as of now . Screenshot_1.png.0fc3975a98d9884ca76d080f83e3fe26.png it looks like this . It would  really look awesome if the emerald pawn would show Edited.png.5d2d7adea40b55f3ccc077284a9e08cf.png something like thiss sorry for the poor visual . 

but that is the concept ! . Thank you . 


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I think it's a good idea, I'd like to see something like this but without changing your pawn. I mean, I think would much better if we would be able to use Flgpwn without changing how your pawn would look.


Also, when you use Flgpwn, your pawn looks a bit weird/ugly, I don't know if someone else has noticed the same.

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You could add to that power that you can use some pawn of the hat, because currently I think it can not (doubt). As well as you can use the Everypower but with the codes of the Power (hat)... (hmm)

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