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Past 3 new powers giveaway!

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Since I was on vacation, I couldn't host giveaways involving the two other powers behind the newest one MONEY, so for this contest, the prize will consist of the PAST THREE newest powers!


Mini contest of the new power @ Shop chat starting Saturday August 18 @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST! (17 hours from now) It will involve choosing a random number from 1-20 (max number may increase depending on number of users) and placing it in front of your name within a short time limit! Whoever gets the exact number will win 50 xats and score 1 point. And since there are 3 powers to give away, the first user who scores 2 points will win MONEY, the second user who scores 2 points will win SLIMEFX, and the third user who scores 2 points will win KTREE. 


After 20 rounds have passed and all 3 powers were not given away, the game will continue, but the user who scores CLOSEST to the exact number will win a power. If there are 2 powers remaining after the 20th round and there is a tie as to who scored the closest number, I will use the bot to choose who will win the newer power. If such a tie happens with only 1 power in the inventory, the same choose command will be used to determine who will win the final power.



  • You must have a registered xat account to participate
  • Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning
  • Only one number per user; users cannot have 2 of the same number
  • Users must stay online in the chat at all times to participate and cooperate when necessary
  • Adding onto the previous point, the winning user of each round must say a prompted¬†word/phrase in main chat to be eligible to receive their prize


Note: I will only give out 1 power to 1 user. That means if you've already won one of the powers, you can still participate in the contest, but you will only win 50 xats per point.

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