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Ban the post that precedes you!

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I'm banning everyone, every single one of you.  To be more specific:    @Admin @Mike @Paul @LaFleur @6 @JoshuaRivenbark @Sydno @Thuk @Damien @BRABO @MisteR @Cueiao @Maay @Mihay @Mihai @

Hey guys, let's play a new game! This game is known outside other forums so I thought of bringing this here.    How to play: You're a Moderator on this game. You can say, ''I ban you - o

I have banned @Admin forever for no reason.

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7 hours ago, maxo said:

i have mazebanned @Marya and @Kaay for 1000 hours reason : both of you are the dearest the cutest and the sweetest freinds of mine (hug) 

I have snakeban @maxo For being such a good friend (hug)

20 minutes ago, Marya said:

I have banned @maxo & @Kaay  FOREVER  ! Reason:  for be so honest so sweet (hug)

  I have matchbanned @Marya For being the coolest sister ever! :$

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1 hour ago, maxo said:

i have banned @Witness for 99 hours reason : witness fitness athletic (hug) :p 


1 hour ago, Marya said:

I have banned to @Angeline  @Kaay @Anas @maxo @Witness @Addict reason part of my life :$ 


Two bans in a row guys I will be really punished. :$


I have banned @Marya for 12 hours. Reason: Being so sweet. 

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On 1/28/2019 at 3:56 PM, Vritme said:

I Banned @Marya , @Bau , @Mihai , @Booh , @DjDanny24 , @Addict , @Broly , @Dimple , @Stifler , @Fiona , @Kale , @Marek , @Zoom , @Camii , @Arthur , @DjCrazy , @Enge , @Mister forever reason > I love them as very good pretenders

Love u too my friend☺️


I banish 4ever @zed and all my cute friends xaterian😅

Edited by Dimple
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