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GLITCH (ID: 503) new power giveaway!

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Mini contest of the new power @ Shop chat starting Saturday July 7 @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST! (12 hours from now) It will involve choosing a random number and placing it in front of your name within a short time limit! Whoever gets the exact number will win 1 day and score 1 point. First user who scores 2 points will win 1 of the new power GLITCH! This will continue until someone scores 2 points, or 20 rounds have lasted. If 20 rounds have passed and nobody scores 2 points, a 21st round will start, and whoever is CLOSEST to the exact number will win the new power! If tied in 21st round, (not likely) the tie will be settled with a quick random game/gameban of my choosing.



  • You must have a registered xat account to participate
  • Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning
  • Only one number per user; users cannot have 2 of the same number
  • Users must stay online in the chat at all times to participate and cooperate when necessary
  • Adding onto the previous point, the winning user of each round must say a prompted word/phrase in main chat to be eligible to receive their prize
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