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What happened to the rank colors in names?


Rank colors in names are very important! How could this happen!?  

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  1. 1. What do you think?

    • Absolutely. We need a change and this change has to happen now! Please, bring back the rank colors in names.
    • Oh no... You again!? Let's not waste time with this. I'm here for reading, not a carnival. Just stop!

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Hello, my forum has changed and... I'm having a problem with the lack of effect in the name.

Am I the only one or are you seeing the same?


For example, before we'd see name effects (rank colors) in many places in the forum (posts, likes, etc)


Now it all looks the same :'(

Bring back the rank colors please! 


Now (without rank color):



For example, names with effects (decorated in their respective rank colors)


^ Make it like this again please

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The plugin for it was outdated and not worth paying the money for. At least, this what I was told.  Solange has provided a source!

I too would like to see them brought back, if possible.

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I miss forum rank coloring and would like to see it brought back. It was a nice customization to our names and made them more appealing to see. Hopefully, admins will consider restoring rank colors in the future.

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