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Simply win 500xats! Ends sunday


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I was trying to think of something creative to say but I gave up. I hope you can all cope with being disappointed in me. :'( 


EDIT: @LaFleur told me to post another recipe so this time I'm telling you how to make a hearty dinner that's suitable for veggies but hopefully tasty for meat eaters too. This is easy to make for all of you who never learnt how to cook and are living off of microwave meals or instant ramen. Measurements are probably a bit naff since I wing this most of the time. 



1 can chopped tomatoes

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed it really doesn't matter

Diced onion (I use frozen onion and just chuck some in the pan because who chops things themselves?). You can add red onion too if you're feeling adventurous :o 

Black pepper

Dried mixed herbs (maybe 1tsbp it depends on how herby you like things ok)

About 500ml vegetable stock? I can't really remember how much I put in.

1 can of mixed beans 

2 vegetarian sausages- if you're in the UK Linda McCartney is a good brand for these, otherwise if you're not vegetarian just use regular sausages.

Optional: You can add some extra vegetables- I like spinach and sweetcorn personally.

I think that's it...



  1.  Throw those sausages in the oven
  2. While they're cooking fry the garlic and onion a little until they're golden
  3. Add the beans (make sure they're drained and rinsed first), chopped tomatoes and vegetable stock
  4. Add in the mixed herbs and pepper to taste
  5. Once the sausages are done chop them up into nice bite-size pieces and throw them into the mix
  6. Do a little shimmy 
  7. Simmer for about 15 minutes, in the mean time cook some pasta or rice to serve it with. Whatever you like
  8. It's done, you are no longer starving! 


Hope you guys enjoy. 


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