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A well thought-out suggestion, splendid! I praise for drawing them perfectly. :$


I think adding extra yellow smilies ''warning/caution signs'' in yellow color would be nice, but it will be out of place based on what the acid looks like.


The acid smilies reminds me of Drip power.



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22 minutes ago, adam_ said:

Might as well throw in an acid attack hug so that you can burn the face off your friends!


Let's imagine it's stomach acid :$.


Or citric acid. Yum, lemons.

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Another post! All I have to say is that those are some really awesome ideas and smileys. The only thing I'd add is gradient to make the power look super spicy!  @Crow

I really love these smileys that you've provided under the power description. They look like awesome smiley ideas for the future. I'd love to see what you think about these examples too? They're not too much different but just have a gradient and also a small green arrow looking thing around the outside of the power.

(2 example image - png images/transparent)

UrtQVJP.png OxTmSg8.png

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On 6/24/2018 at 2:29 AM, Crow said:

This smiley power is a malevolent twist on the classic Drip and Drop powers.


Smileys: (acstare) (acmad) (acevil) (actear) (acbiggrin) (acshock) (acjawdrop) (acd) (acredface) (achug) (actongue) (acswear)

Effects: Add a dissolve effect to any smiley. Also, steam and smoke effects for smileys.

Pawns: acid drop, dissolving pawn, chemical flask

Hug: Set in a science laboratory, or the user falls into a vat of acid and a puff of smoke rises up with the message


The faces were drawn by myself, and the green drop background was taken from google images.


Please post your ideas and improvements below! Thanks for reading!



I like your drawing. @6you might try drawing them also. Such a innovative thought!  way to think about Pawns , Hug

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