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Contest for Free Graphics


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Hello xat!


I've returned to the community, some of you might not recognize me as I've been gone for a couple of months now. To make this return special, I decided to host a contest. Here is the info:

How do I enter the contest?

To enter, you must reply to this topic with your Regname and ID.


How and what do I win?
Two winners will be chosen randomly at the deadline. They will be able to request for graphics for free once.


Are there any extra rules to this contest?

Yes, here are a list of things you shouldn't do:

1. Do not use multiple accounts.

2. Any reply after the deadline will not be considered. (Exceptions Apply)

3. Follow all xat's TOS (Forum Guidelines Included)


How much time do I have to submit my reply?

You have until June 24th at Midnight (12 AM EST) to submit your reply. Anything on and after that time will not be considered.


How do I know how much time there is left, and how will you determine the winner?

You can check the time remaining by clicking here. I will be using RandomResult.com to determine the two winners.


There is no "tangible" prize, so I am the prize holder.

Good luck!

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Added a section highlighting the countdown and the generator I will use!
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Excuse my tardiness. I now have the two winners of the contest!


Congrats to @iMano and @HelperNate for winning this contest. Message me on xat or on the forums for a one time free graphics request.




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